TEKEVER at the NATO Study on Information Exploitation

TEKEVER ASDS is partnering with thirty NATO industrial experts in the new NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG) study group that aims to explore novel approaches for processing, exploiting and disseminating imagery data.

Following previous work in this domain, TEKEVER ASDS will be addressing the challenges raised by the increasing amount of data being collected by NATO forces via satellites and drone platforms, which is overwhelming the NATO forces' ability to process, exploit and distribute the actionable, analytical results to the Joint Coalition forces. 

 At the NIAG Study Group 178 (NIAG SG178) kick-off meeting, partners agreed to dedicate the next twelve-month effort to the overall goal of identifying state-of-the art technology that is capable of extracting additional information from collected video feeds and make it ready for analysts to evaluate its relevance, so that machines handle data and humans take decisions.