TEKEVER is the New Euromedic IT Partner

TEKEVER has been selected to build and deploy a state-of-the-art renewed Radiology Information System (RIS) solution for Euromedic Portugal, the local branch of one of the largest medical service providers in Europe, specialised in diagnostics investigations, clinical laboratories and cancer treatment services.

The partnership with Euromedic Portugal is a new investment effort by TEKEVER in the Health Care sector, building on previous experience and on the advanced features of its MORE Technology, a unique platform that seamlessly combines a powerful distributed workflow engine with cutting-edge user interfaces. 

With TEKEVER's solid technological experience and Euromedic's specialised know-how, a best-in-class RIS is under construction, with the goal of bringing unprecedented levels of efficiency – focusing on user experience to enable faster, simpler and more effective interaction with the system –, reliability – building on highly robust technologies, resilient to network failures and lightweight in maintenance  –, scalability – capable of accommodating few to thousands of users geographically distributed – and compatibility – by integrating with already existing Euromedic software and information systems.