AR1 Blue Ray at SEGUREX 2013 – Technology At The Service Of Security

With the Technology at the Service of Security slogan, the TEKEVER Group presents its unmanned aerial and ground systems portfolio for safety and security operations at the SEGUREX 2013 exhibition, which is taking place at FIL, in Lisbon, from May 7th to 11th. 
"TEKEVER's UAS systems are a real added-value to the Portuguese safety and security forces' current capacity, enabling the integration of an asset that delivers true air superiority to those forces' performance in the field.", explained Ricardo Mendes, the TEKEVER Group COO. Ricardo Mendes spoke at the opening of SEGUREX 2013 during the visit of the Portuguese Minister of Internal Affairs, Dr. Miguel Macedo, to the exhibition area of the Public Safety Police (PSP), where the AR1 Blue Ray is on display.
To signal this event, and in close coordination with the PSP, the AR1 Blue Ray performed a monitoring mission at the Parque das Nações site, accompanying the arrival of Dr. Miguel Macedo and its staff to the site to preside the event's opening. An excerpt of the video footage may be viewed at http://autonomous.tekever.com/ar1.
The AR1 Blue Ray has been at the centre of the strategic partnership between the TEKEVER Group and PSP, namely its Special Unit, with the ambition to provide this Unit with a UAS empowered with the most advanced information and reconnaissance capabilities for safety and security operations, including surveillance and monitoring of wide areas or crowds, as well as search and patrolling of areas and perimeters. Able to deliver high-definition imagery in real time, the AR1 Blue Ray comprises electro-optic and infrared sensors that ensure a broad operational coverage in day and night environments. "TEKEVER has been promoting the training of several police officers with the AR1 Blue Ray, to support PSP's missions and to have state-of-the-art Portuguese technology at the service of citizens' safety in Portugal.", concluded Ricardo Mendes.
The scope of the TEKEVER – PSP strategic partnership also includes the development of autonomous land systems, specifically designed for reconnaissance missions in urban environments. Hence, the LR1 SPYBOT is a small robot extremely robust that collects image and audio information and transmits in real time up to a 250-meter distance (outdoor environment), ensuring the situational awareness of the operational site.  This equipment is also in display at the Ministry of Internal Affairs Pavilion, at SEGUREX.