TEKEVER and Santos Lab announce global strategic partnership

TEKEVER and Santos Lab, the leading Brazilian UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) manufacturer, are announcing a global strategic partnership. Both partners will join their capabilities to integrate technology, offer new products and join commercial efforts at a global level, with particular focus on the South American markets.
The AR2 Carcará is the first product to be jointly launched from this groundbreaking partnership and maked its debut at the Farnborough International Airshow.
The AR2 Carcará includes a water-proof airframe designed and produced by Santos Lab, specifically aimed at maritime and amphibious operations. The UAS is fitted with advanced onboard, communication and ground systems provided byTEKEVER, allowing the system to be fully interoperable with all other TEKEVER UAS products, and providing a new range of operational capabilities.
“We’ve teamed up to offer great products, built upon both our capabilities and technology, at a global scale. Santos Lab has a record of coming up with impressive new product designs, and bringing them to the market successfully“, said Ricardo Mendes, COO of TEKEVER Group.
“With this partnership, we are creating a true win-win relation. By being fitted with TEKEVER’s groundbreaking onboard, communication and ground systems, our products can get additional flexibility, versatility and reliability”, declared Gabriel Klabin, CEO of Santos Labs.