TEKEVER in Futuro Hoje - SIC Notícias

After a year filled with numerous successful demonstrations throughout the World, TEKEVER's unmanned aerial systems are presented to the Portuguese public in the last edition of Futuro Hoje, in the TV station SIC Notícias.

Dedicated to the new technologies and to a vision of the future of today's society, Futuro Hoje and its host Lourenço Medeiros reveal how TEKEVER's unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are being tested with the National Safety Police (PSP) and take the spotlight as a fundamental tactical support asset for public safety and security operations. The images collected by the UAS AR1 Blue Ray that are now broadcasted in this programme show a monitoring operation in the area of Parque das Nações (Lisbon) and it is quite easy to understand the added-value the AR1 Blue Ray brings to law enforcement action, through the gathering of real time images, the capacity to enable remote analysis and the empowerment of an improved situational awareness with respect to available tactical options. 

Exploring the application of 100% Portuguese technology at the service of Public Safety and Security in Portugal, the TV programme Futuro Hoje highlights how TEKEVER's unmanned aerial systems already deliver advantages to the PSP daily operations, for the benefit of the citizens' safety and security. 

You may watch the AR1 Blue Ray at Futuro Hoje, in