TEKEVER and National Safety Police – A Technological Partnership at the Service of Security

The TEKEVER Group and the National Safety Police established a technological partnership that combines TEKEVER's autonomous air and land unmanned systems with the Police's high degree of
knowledge and expertise in security operations. This collaboration has enabled to complement the current capacities of the Portuguese Security Forces with an active that is able to promote true airborne superiority.

"The work developed in close cooperation with the Police has made really clear for TEKEVER that our systems are instrumental for the integration of the most advanced information and reconnaissance capabilities in security operations", explains Ricardo Mendes, TEKEVER's Chief Operations Officer. 

"The union of TEKEVER's technology, 100% Portuguese, and the Police's know-how, namely that of the Police's Special Unit, has been consolidating the reinforcement of the national response to the increasing demands of national security missions, including surveillance and monitoring of large areas, urban environments, large events and crowds, enabling a better awareness and understanding of available tactical options for complex law enforcement operations.", says the Sub-Commissioner João Moura.

Capable of providing a real-time high-definition image, the AR1 Blue Ray UAS presents electro-optic and infrared sensors that ensure a large operational coverage of day and night environments. "The great advantages of the AR1 Blue Ray UAS come from its capacity to film and display in real time what is unfolding on the terrain, in full HD and with a panoply of cameras that are easily attached to the aircraft. The recording also enables a posteriori detailed approach for a better public safety service, contributing to the overall improvement of the Police's options in the field, acting in execution but also in prevention. And the fact that the AR1 Blue Ray operators are always safe is extremely important. Also the sentiment of security generated by this drone in each citizen is a major benefit that the Police certainly take into account. Therefore, we do see the AR1 Blue Ray UAS as a true manifestation of the technology at the service of the citizen, enriching the Police's set of useful analysis tools and, considering current security challenges, becoming increasingly more indispensable.", highlights the Sub-Commissioner João Moura.

Indeed "TEKEVER has been training several agents to operate with the AR1 Blue Ray UAS, in order to support the National Safety Police and place the Portuguese technology at the Service of Portuguese citizens' safety and security." concluded Ricardo Mendes.