TEKEVER Awarded Two More Innovative Projects by EDA

TEKEVER ASDS has just been awarded two more research and development projects by the European Defence Agency (EDA), reinforcing its status as the leading Portuguese company involved with EDA projects. 

The new projects are the Soldier Portable Energy Reserve PACK (SPER-PACK) and the uLtralight weigh bulletproof VESTs (LIVEST), both funded under EDA's Combat Equipment for Dismounted Soldier (CEDS) programme. Led by TEKEVER, SPER-PACK will assess different technologies for energy generation, storage and management considering the operational environment and the user profiles, in order to propose a preliminary design of a flexible, plug 'n' play power supply system for the dismounted soldier. The SPER-PACK design will also anticipate the integration of different technologies at or before mission time, being capable of supporting multiple and unanticipated energy generation, harvesting and storage solutions, supported by a powerful and smart power management subsystem. The SPER-PACK Consortium is comprised of TEKEVER, FOI, CEA and Sagem.
 The LIVEST Project will investigate the feasibility of developing a Smart Wearable Textile & Body Armour System based on a soft body armour, enabled through the use of 3D textile structures, especially conceived to reduce weight and increase comfort, and the combination of 3D fabric with current ballistic woven fabric, aiming to reduce trauma cause by high energy impact of bullets and to improve the armour's ballistic protection performance. The Project will also address the integration of wearable electronics for 3D structure and vest monitoring. The LIVEST Consortium is led by AITEX and composed of CITEVE, Paul Boy√© Technologies and TEKEVER.

With SPER-PACK and LIVEST, TEKEVER reinforces its position as the Portuguese company with the largest participation in the European Defence Agency's innovation programmes.