TEKEVER SPΔCE Promotes GAMALINK Kick-Off Meeting

TEKEVER SPΔCE welcomed the GAMALINK partners to the Project's Kick-Off Meeting at its Lisbon facilities. The meeting was extremely productive to disseminate several key aspects for the success of GAMALINK and to guide the work to be developed in the following months. 

TEKEVER SPΔCE is the Portuguese leader in Space research and the FP7 Space research project GAMALINK will develop an Inter Satellite Link (ISL) based on Software-Defined Radio (SDR) technology, capable of supporting mobile ad hoc networking, global positioning system and attitude determination for small (nano and pico) satellite platforms. 

GAMALINK or Generic SDR-based Multifunctional space Link will then implement a set of different techniques, including mobile ad hoc networking, an enabler for ISLs, attitude determination of one station relative to another through the measurement of carrier phase delays between signals transmitted from multiple antennas, GPS waveform reading and signal decoding and ranging between different satellites, based solely on the transmission of radio signals. GAMALINK will also focus on innovative antenna, RF front-end design and beam forming techniques. The Project's major breakthrough is the offer of an integrated solution for communications, attitude and orbit control purposes, targeting the increasingly popular small satellite market.
GAMALINK is a 2-year Project, with an overall budget of about 2 millions euros for the 6 participating institutions of Portugal, Germany, Spain and Turkey, that will ultimately prove the applicability of a wide range of technologies in Space, in an attempt to leverage their technology maturity levels.