TEKEVER IT Hosts the iSAR+ Kick Off Meeting

TEKEVER IT hosted the Kick-Off Meeting (KOM) of the FP7 Research Project iSAR+ Online and Mobile Communications for Crisis Response and Search and Rescue at its Lisbon facilities, signalling the Project's official launch on January 1st 2013.

The meeting was attended by most Project partners and also the EC's Research Executive Agency (REA) representative, Mr. Sakellaris Hourdas, in the quality of the iSAR+ Project Officer, who addressed the audience with several key observations on the successful execution of FP7 projects.

TEKEVER IT is the Coordinator of the iSAR+ Security FP7 research project (http://isar.i112.eu) that aims to develop the iSAR+ Guidelines, providing instructions and recommendations for citizens and PPDRs for an effective and efficient use of social media and mobile technology in crisis situations, and the iSAR+ Platform, integrating ICT tools and functionalities that offer additional communication channels between PPDRs and citizens and enhanced high-quality situational awareness for PPDRs and citizens, during and after a crisis. 

Ranking second in its call's evaluation, iSAR+ is a 2 and a half years Project, with an overall budget of about € 5 millions for the 16 participating institutions of 9 European countries, also benefitting from the valuable contributions of transatlantic expert consultants in Chile and the United States, relevant to explore the applicability of the iSAR+ Guidelines and Platform to non-European markets.