TEKEVER Technology Promotes SKYMEDIA's Successful Field Demonstration

The SkyMedia Project (http://www.ict-skymedia.eu) successfully demonstrated its technology accomplishments in the 26th edition of the Turin Marathon 2012, this Sunday. 

This final demonstration of the complete SkyMedia system delivered the Marathon's audience a richer and more complete multimedia experience that involved a group of runners with wearable sensors that monitored in real-time the runners' position, speed, pace and biometric parameters during the race. A special audience group was selected amongst sponsors, VIP, press and business partners to view that live tracked data through mobile applications and touchscreen interactive displays with 3D video augmentation technology. Also a group of spectators followed the race from their smartphones and from HD or 3D screens deployed along the Marathon's course, using a dedicated iPad application, available for download from the AppStore.

TEKEVER Communication Systems' WAC radios were successful in providing all communications between the UAV, collecting Marathon content, and the ground command centre. Additionally, also the wireless sensors network and data fusion enabled applications developed by TEKEVER IT were used by runners to augment the 3D video content capture, supported by other system components. Indeed, for SkyMedia, TEKEVER IT delivers expertise in the software platforms for embedded systems, wireless sensor and ad-hoc networks (WSAN) and focuses on the WSAN development and integration.

SkyMedia or UAV-based capturing of HD/3D content with WSN augmentation, real-time processing and immaterial rendering for immersive media experiences is a FP7 ICT research project that aims to explore, design and demonstrate a novel scalable and easy to manage multimedia end-to-end architecture that provides unique immersive media experiences to audiences during live events.