TEKEVER Takes A Leading Role in European Aeronautics R&D

The TEKEVER Group has been awarded two European Aeronautics R&D projects, coordinated by the Group’s subsidiary companies, in the 7th Framework Programme (FP7), in the value of 5 millions and a half euros, reinforcing its leading position as a provider of disruptive technologies for the Information Technologies, Aeronautics, Space, Defence and Security markets. 
In a sector strongly marked by fierce competition of international manufacturers and integrators, the TEKEVER Group invests in technological innovation as the strategy to conquer the international market, developing technologies and products that defy status quo and enable high added value. The two projects now awarded are focused in aerostructures and flight management systems (FMS), introducing new concepts and high potential approaches. 
The CHANGE project explores innovative concepts for adaptive aerostructures, incorporating new composite materials and intelligent materials, with the goal to significantly improve aircraft performance. Project BRAINFLIGHT, which results from the Group’s wide experience with autonomous systems, introduces an unforeseen approach to aircraft control. This new technology allows the shift of the navigation and control paradigm and it is applicable to both manned and unmanned aircraft, in the commercial, military and private contexts, giving way to multiple opportunities of commercial exploitation in the FMS, Flight Control Systems and cockpits international markets.
The two projects’ award, based on their high technological innovation levels, is evidence of the TEKEVER Group’s international recognition in the Aeronautics domain. It also bears a relevant mark for the Portuguese participation in European programmes, doubling the number of projects coordinated by Portuguese entities, and highlighting the TEKEVER Group as the Portuguese entity coordinating the highest number of projects in European Aeronautics R&D.
The results today attained by the TEKEVER Group enable the consolidation of its national leading position in the Research, Development and Innovation for the Aeronautics specialised sector, a market in full growth, and in which Portugal is committing a strategic investment with the creation of a technological cluster of international projection.