TEKEVER is the Portuguese Reference in European Security R&D

The TEKEVER Group has been awarded three European Security R&D projects, in the 7th Framework Programme (FP7), in the value of 13 million euros, reinforcing thus its leading position as a provider of disruptive technologies for the Information Technologies, Aeronautics, Space, Defence and Security markets. 

Evaluated as the second Best European project in the Security call, iSAR+ (Online and Mobile Communications for Crisis Response and Search and Rescue) aims to research and develop guidelines and an associated platform that, in crises, enable citizens to use the mobile and internet technologies to become actively involved in the response effort. The SNIFFER (SeNsory devIces network For Food supply chain sEcuRity) Project proposes the concept and development of a distributed sensors network, capable of detecting multiple types of agents and CBR agents in the food supply chain. Finally, the PPDR-TC (Public Protection and Disaster Relief – Transformation Center) goal is to define a roadmap for the adoption of novel emergency communications, using cognitive radio, hybrid networks and UAV technology, ensuring interoperability, security and resilience.
These projects now won by the TEKEVER Group are instrumental in the national entrepreneurship effort that has been consolidating Portugal’s reputation in the European and international R&D community.

For the first time, a Portuguese Group undertakes the coordination of two FP7 – Security projects, an achievement that highlights TEKEVER’s leadership capability and reinforces its unsurpassable reference status in R&D and Innovation for the competitive Security market.