The 1st TEKEVER Open Day marks the inauguration of the new TEKEVER R&T facility in Óbidos and it presented the perfect opportunity to gather a restricted group of business partners, customers and friends to announce the Group’s most recent technological developments.

Throughout the afternoon, our guests entered TEKEVER’s world, where a vision of Technologies for the Evernet is shared by the several specialised TEKEVER companies, proudly exhibiting their key products and latest advances. Some of the day’s highlights included the launch of uMeter by OZONO as the new conscious green platform, bound to reduce energy consumption; Mobizy introduced a innovative platform that brings mobility services to every SME looking to optimise daily activities; TEKEVER Communication Systems displayed the new generation of advanced communications with the software defined radio platform and the ongoing cognitive radio research, technologies that leverage command and control systems; and TEKEVER Autonomous Systems concluded the event with an impressive flight demonstration of the UAS AR4 Light Ray capabilities.

The TEKEVER Open Day enabled a fruitful exchange of ideas on the research and development partnerships established successfully by the TEKEVER Group, which reinforces the Group’s international presence, profoundly rooted in technological difference and innovation.