The TEKEVER Group and the AR4 Light Ray Brighten The Infantry Arm Day

The TEKEVER Group has joined the commemorations of the Infantry Arm and the Infantry Practical School Day, occurring throughout this day, in Mafra, at the Infantry Practical School facilities.

TEKEVER Autonomous Systems has offered the many guests and general public a demonstration of the mini UAS AR4 Light Ray capabilities, an unmanned aerial system with the mission to support tactical operations of monitoring, surveillance and reconnaissance. During the flight, it was clear Light Ray’s ability to register and deliver real time image footage, using the advanced communications systems of TEKEVER Communication Systems, a TEKEVER Group company specialised in communications.

The TEKEVER Group has also participated in the Exhibition of the August 14th Ceremony, with a panel on the AR4 Light Ray potential and a panel dedicated to the MEP Project, concerning the development of energy micro-generation technology.

To know more, please see
http://as.tekever.com/ (UAS AR4 Light Ray) and http://cs.tekever.com/ (Communication Systems).