TEKEVER drone tracks lava flow at Pico do Fogo volcano capturing dazzling images

. TEKEVER Group has joined forces with Cape Verdean authorities during the volcanic eruption at island of Fogo (Cape Verde) by tracking the lava flow and monitoring magma temperature;

. TEKEVER drone captured dazzling images of the powerful volcanic eruption at Pico do Fogo volcano on the island of Fogo;

The TEKEVER team flew to the Island of Fire, in Cape Verde, to monitor the lava stream of the volcano that began erupting last November. In an action to support Cape Verdean authorities, the company used drones to make the first aerial images of the damage caused by the volcano. The TEKEVER drones captured images in high definition and with thermal imaging cameras. With this information, the Cape Verdean authorities identified the lava river that flowed below the magma already solidified and was, thus far, invisible to the surface. For one week, TEKEVER conducted missions throughout the day and night, using equipment such as the AR4 Light Ray, TEKEVER’s own creation.

“It was one of our hardest missions so far. But with the images of TEKEVER, the Cape Verdean authorities had a more peaceful Christmas. For the first time, it was possible to predict the advance of lava with certainty. The mission had two main benefits. We provided the Cape Verdean authorities with key information to protect their population as well as testing our equipment in an extreme context. We are very happy to be able to help!”, said Ricardo Mendes, COO TEKEVER.

The biggest eruption of Pico do Fogo in decades has destroyed two villages. Some 1,500 people were forced to abandon their homes before the lava flow reached the villages of Portela and Bangaeira at Fogo island in the Atlantic archipelago. More than 1,000 people were evacuated from the Cha das Caldeiras region at the foot of the volcano immediately after it first erupted on November 23.

This mission had no costs to the Cape Verdean authorities and was developed under the social responsibility commitments of the company.