AR1@ATLAS exercise

The Portuguese Police conducted an ATLAS exercise in Lisbon this month with the participation of other police forces from across Europe. For the first time, ATLAS introduced UAV as a means to enhance operational capability, tactical awareness and to co-ordinate the response to the type of critical situation faced by police forces in many life threatening situations.

The UAV used was a TEKEVER - AR1 Blue Ray. With 65km/h wind speed and raining, the AR1 completed the mission successfully.

This exercise had recreated a situation of abduction of students at a university in Lisbon by a violent terrorist group. The mini-UAV made ​​the recognition of the place before the special forces action.

With day and night imagery to front line units in real time, the forces had the means to take the right decision at the right time.

37 international forces participated in ATLAS exercise in Lisbon.