TEKEVER ASDS at the Unified Vision 2014

TEKEVER ASDS has been invited to participate in NATO's Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG) exploratory group meeting Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Trial Unified Vision 2014.

Following previous work in this domain, TEKEVER ASDS will be Portugal's National Focal Point for the execution of the Joint ISR Trial Unified Vision 2014 (UV14), an interoperability trial conducted in an operational (live fly) environment dedicated to demonstrate joint ISR information exchange. UV14 will also help prepare NATO for the delivery of Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) and related JISR Initiative capability packages in 2016.

It already is well-known NATO’s growing appreciation of the need for a common ISR platform, following the decision to acquire a new, NATO-owned and -operated ground surveillance system, based on Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with advanced ground-surveillance radars and able to provide every NATO ally access to collected ISR data.

As with Unified Vision 2012, conducted under the direction of the Joint Capability Group Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JCGISR) at the Norwegian air force base ├śrland, UV14 is a joint trial to test a joint reconnaissance data network integrating the various reconnaissance platforms and components of the different branches of the armed forces of the participating nations. 

The contributions from industry will be concentrated in the NIAG SG174 - Industrial Contribution to demonstration of ISR Information Exchange as part of Joint ISR Trial "Unified Vision 2014"study group Joint ISR Trial Unified Vision 2014.