SAFECITY Successful Proof of Concept in Stockholm

The first SAFECITY Proof of Concept was developed and successfully demonstrated at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The use case scenario of Stockholm tested an express train derailment in a tunnel in the northern part of the Stockholm County leading to the Arlanda Airport, caused by a winter storm and provoking serious disturbances in the public road and railway transport systems.

The objective of the Stockholm use case was to demonstrate SAFECITY's increased situation awareness based on analysis environmental sensors. TEKEVER ASDS was responsible for the ad hoc radio network, which used TEKEVER Communication Systems' WAC radios and supported SAFECITY sensors and sensor adapters, gateways and the security manager. All sensor data was then collected locally in Stockholm and processed by applications running on the FI-WARE test bed in Seville (Spain), using FI-WARE Generic Enablers.

SAFECITY is a FP7 ICT research project (http://www.safecity-project.eu/) dealing with smart public safety and security in cities with the main objective of enhancing the role of the future internet in ensuring people are and feel safe and protected in their surroundings. SAFECITY will create an open IT platform for M2M developing eco-designed networks and sensors and high-value smart public safety applications and demonstrating the feasibility of urban public safety services, in order to highlight the positive impact of the SAFECITY solutions on a city's sustainable development. The eight smart SAFECITY public safety applications (video analytics, ad hoc networks, sensors gateway, real-time 3D positioning, road track and environmental sensors, information security, data fusion and decision support system) will be tested and demonstrated in use case scenarios in several European cities (Athens, Bucharest, Helsinki, Madrid, Ă“bidos and Stockholm), representing crisis situations where public safety and emergency responders take part.