President Cavaco Silva Signs TEKEVER’s new UAV for Maritime Operations

The TEKEVER Group presented the new Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle for Maritime Operations in this year’s edition of the Sea Forum, visited by the President of the Portuguese Republic Cavaco Silva that kindly agreed to sign the aircraft, which aims to establish a new era for the missions of the Portuguese Navy.

Specifically designed for maritime surveillance operations, the new UAV reveals advanced capabilities in detection, localisation and tracking of elements of interest, producing high-resolution imagery and video. This potential, allied to the possibility to pursue maritime operations under adverse meteorological conditions, is a differentiating element to the importance of autonomous aerial vehicles in the domains of maritime traffic control, coastal surveillance, fishing activity inspection, illegal activities’ detection, piracy combat and search and rescue operations.

In the context of the Sea Forum 2012, the TEKEVER Group presented its portfolio of maritime safety and security solutions that is the result of intense research and development efforts, involving specialised know-how and promising technologies in the areas of autonomous aerial vehicles, future generation communications systems and network-enabled command and control systems.